Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Next Generation

In all honesty, I want O to become who she wants to be, but selfishly I want her to love all that I do. So today I took O to Cambridge to explore some of the free museums at the University... the science ones. Can't help it, I want her to think rocks, fossils, and smelly preserved invertebrates are COOL. I think I might have succeeded. We first went to the The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences. Olive was welcomed by a dinosaur skeleton and was completely won over. She loved the Allosaurus and then asked all sorts of curious questions about the ammonites, ancient bear, and other oddities in the collection. We also got to see some of Darwin's collections with his script beside the specimen. The enormity of this was lost on her, however, but I stood a gasp. (picture- O making Dino face as seen above)

Wanting more, how could I refuse, really, we went down the block to the
Museum of Zoology. More bones and specimens awaited us. I had to read ALL the names no matter how obscure the Latin, and help reinforce the differences between turtle and tortoise, moose and deer, and parakeet and parrot (I don't know that one do you?). She even sat down for a half hour lecture on skeletal importance and evolution. Seriously, I wanted to got to lunch. She sat there very politely listening and watching the slides. Score for patience when she got to handle a 3000 year old deer leg and got to wiggle elephant tarsals.

Here's to the next generation of nerds and geeks. Smart girls rule.


  1. Oh Alicia.... I miss you guys so much! :)

  2. Right ON! Yay for the allure of the allosaurus!

  3. It's good to know that there are other Mommas that are OK with their daughters being "geeks"