Thursday, 7 October 2010

the past few weeks

Josh was away for two weeks to the glorious state of Alabama. Oma came in near the end of Olive's and my "quality time" alone with one another for little over a week. And since then, we're re-adjusting to schedules, personalities, and shuffling of the mundane chores of life. So I shall not boar you with all of that.

So, for more notable tidbits of our lives:

-Olive and I start Little Duck 3 swim lessons on Wednesday. The Drill Sargent instructor who looks like my 7th grade gym teacher (egg shaped body, short polyester shorts, and barking voice) will be a GREAT fit. Should be fun right?

-Apples on the tree are becoming ripe and we've made a few tasty apple pies. Olive is becoming spoiled and wonders where dessert is every night. The pears keep hanging on and are the blandest things ever. Could be the lack of sun the past few weeks. One can not be sure.

-Autumn is here. No one ever told me that an electric lawn mower could act as a vacuum cleaner for your lawn. I would have totally ditched the push mower ages ago if I knew I never had to rake leaves again.

-Olive is slowly adjusting to her pre-school, Little Acorns. She's getting lessons in phonics and I was told by her teacher today it was "alright that she learns both ways of speaking at home." She has funny little voice she uses when she talks "British" I do need to get a video to share.

-Spiders live in the cracks between the windows and the sills. So, on nice warmer days when you open a window, they go skittering about into your house. Just had to share that.

-Now have black lady bugs with red spots (rather than the traditional red with black spots) invading the house too.

-Been counting horses in the mornings while were out. Averaging about 150 horse/rider sightings per 30 minutes near the gallops. Olive's horse fascination is growing. There's a place a village over that starts lessons at 4 years. Seems like that might be her next birthday gift.

-With Josh away, I had a little time to start EntWorks up again. Check it out on ETSY when you have the chance. Share with friends, please. AND if you want anything, let me know BEFORE you buy, I can get you the "friends & family" discount ;)

Looking forward to taking an over night trip somewhere this weekend. Will post stories and pictures when it happens. Until then, this shall do.

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  1. Alicia - very descriptive blog you posted! Spiders and Ladybugs and Horses, oh my. Yes, please share a video of Olive speaking Brit.