Sunday, 17 October 2010

The ONLY Pumpkin Patch in East Anglia

There are 3 lovely orange pumpkins sitting on our stoop from a little pumpkin "patch" nestled between the bases. A smart farmer has capitalized on the dense American population wanting these iconic gourds for October 31st. Olive did prove us wrong in the existence of purple pumpkins when we came upon a heap of them (we now own one because supposedly they make tasty pies.. we shall see). And she did get herself a pony ride. NOT a donkey ride, just a pony ride because he had a proper saddle.

As nice as it was to have a little taste of home traditions, it wasn't as filling as a long morning out at a family farm feeding the goats and plucking the pumpkins from the vine. I enjoy the differences living here, but sometimes nothing is like home. So, come October 30th, not 31st, we'll be on base, bag in hand, begging for candy from other expats for my favorite holiday of the year.

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  1. Is this pumpkin patch open to the civilian public? I'm an American expat living in Norwich, Norfolk and annoyed with the UK's lack of decent carving pumpkins! I'd be very interested to find out more information, such as if this farm is still providing pumpkins, its location, address or phone number of the farm, etc. :) Any information is much appreciated!