Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Weekend

Highlights from this weekend include:

*Trick-or-Treating on Lakenheath AFB- kids queued to get candy with a assembly line like efficiency with no door knocking involved or explanation of costume. A bit of a disappointment since I wanted to show off Olive and my creativity with a little neighborly howdy-do. Olive wanted to be an Angelfish-Cat, so below is what we came up with for a costume. She picket out the fabric - purple satin with rainbow sequins. Oma stitched together the dress and I put together the flair via O's careful instructions. My cousin helped by suggesting the parental costumes, hence the cat and angel fish. You get the picture. Josh's make up job is all Olive if you couldn't tell.

*O has eaten candy that has NEVER been permitted before- so far Sour Patch Kids and Skittles have been consumed. Tonight's menu already has M&Ms planned.

*Had a whopping TWO trick-or-treaters here on Broomstick Corner. O was pleased as punch to answer the door and give them candy.

*Went on our Sunday walk on Saturday to find the ruins of a Castle.

Here you'll see the earthworks that are left and the current residence are a bit woolly. Lovely fall weather made the day so much nicer and now can check another local footpath off the list.

*Made our 2nd trip to Ikea since being in country and left with spending under 20 pounds. The store is as overwhelming as ever. Did spend about 8 minutes in an ASDA. It's in the wal*mart family. As Josh said- a wal*mart is a wal*mart the world over. Don't know if they have a People of ASDA website though.

*And the rest of the time has been simple things like enjoying the fall colours and eating gingerbread. Here's to enjoying fall for as long as it lasts!

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  1. You guys are totally living in a dreamworld! Ahhh... the wooly inhabitants of decrepit former castle are lucky to have you as onlookers. xox