Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Stroll

Sunday's mini outing was to some of the footpaths in our village. (Footpaths are legal ways of passing over private property.) We went out the front door and headed up the road until we found the old wooden sign pointing towards Sandwich Stud. A massive farm with thatched roof barns, paddocks, and fields full of mares and foals. Each one of these race horse are potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on its pedigree and races won of its parents. We hiked along the private roads and fields of these farms passing by statues of past winners, clock towers on barns, and overgrown hedge rows between properties. Olive was able to watch young horses run in the field and hear the loudness of the hoof falls. She also had a lovely little chat with a few set of horses.

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  1. Oh MY. It sounds (and looks) ideal. I miss you SOOOOOO much!