Friday, 27 August 2010

Stay Left, Look Right

After being here nearly 3 months now, driving has gotten considerably easier. Sure there are those heart fluttering moments every so often, but as Josh says, what would be the fun with out them.

However, the following situations continue to plague me causing me to hit the brakes, swerve, or let out a new explicative for Olive to learn:

1)Narrow roads- visually, and sometimes mathematically impossible roads for 2 cars to pass one another with wheels on pavement. Either by a very hard, solid stone wall/building, shrub, ditch, dike, embankment, or drop off looming very close to pavement's edge and equitably solid vehicle, delivery truck, or Lory on the other. It's like a game of chicken with the oncoming car. I always end up being the chicken.

2)Speed limits- technically I am allowed to drive 60mph on said road above. Mind you there is also dips, swerves, and blind spots over hills. I'm driving this country in the wrong decade of my life.

3) Roundabouts - I get them. I'm good. But, I forget certain ones are there. It's the itty bitty ones that I seem to drive straight through only to remember to look right when I see the little spot in the middle of the road. Gas stations, and small side streets are going to do me in.

4) Randomly parked cars, bikes, roadwork, and other random hazards on roadside- Nothing says break like seeing a car parked facing you in the middle of the road. Could be in a no parking zone, curb, or sidewalk. Parking rules I guess are optional.

5)Pigeons- stupid, fat, slow to gain lift birds. One will soon be victim on my windscreen. I won't mind because there will be one less wood pigeon on the Island, but it will surly crack or dent my car.

There's a few driving video's on flickr if you're interested. Josh doing the driving (and having a quick break behind a biker... it may be hard to tell since I'm putting the camera down reflexively to brace myself for possible impact)

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