Saturday, 31 July 2010

Saturday to Saturday

Last weekend we headed an hour and a half north to the Wash. A stretch of seaside near Hunstanton which is primarily mudflats with scattered areas of sandy cliffs. It was our 1st beach day since coming to this island and we were graced with sunshine. There was a beauty of it's own, but it couldn't compare (for me) to the PNW beaches we left behind. Olive did get a kick out of digging in the muck, collecting shells of scallops, splashing in the shallow water, and finishing the day with ice cream from a tube.

During the week, it was weekday fair. Olive and I did have our first swimming experience at the Leisure Center. Did you know you have to que for swimming too? We arrived for open swim at 1500 for the start time of 1530, and literally we were told that it was already "full up" and that we needed to take a number. Which, in retrospect, is awesome since it wasn't too crowded in the pool. But at the time a real pain to rile in Olive for an hour who came dressed in her suit ready to jump on in. Once in, well, the pool was .8m deep. Which equates to water just below Olive's chin when she stood flat footed along the bottom. She thought it was fabulous. Me, hanging out in water on my knees was not so much fun. Did I mention we'll be back next week?

Meeting people here has been going a little slow. There's a different Mommy etiquette that I haven't quite deciphered. And some of the people I have talked to are just plain crazy. I spent a long 8 minutes in the Post Office que talking to an older woman who's daughter ran away to FL with her only grandchild (sex and name unknown) who's father's a drug addict, but a kid will always want to know their father, right? and well, her daughter is just ungrateful of her love, the 3rd child is okay, but her 1st she lost to a brain hemorrhage, but that doesn't matter since God has graced her with a grandchild, but that loose legged daughter of hers, how dare she not even send a picture, the other grandmother gets pictures, and that boy's mother doesn't even deserve it since look how HE turned out after all... all that for 2 second rate stamps.
Friday night The Old Pumphouse was able to hold four adults and an extra babe without seeming crowded at all. My dear friend, the legendary Beth, was on a visit to the UK with her friend Erin, her 10 month old daughter, Addie, and her other friend Beth. It was then added to by Jasmine traveling by train with her 6month pregnant belly and her own bed in tow. It was great to hash through old stories of Bath University, people we met, places we traveled, and then shake our heads at the foolishness of youth. We were able to grab lunch before everyone headed their separate ways and Olive ordered herself the Kid's English breakfast- runny egg, ketchupy beans, sausage, bacon, and a fried potato wedge. She loved it.
Tomorrow we're off to explore some of the local foot paths that run around our village- I bet we see a few horses


  1. It's always a little slow going in the friendship department, but it sounds like you're settling in beautifully! This post made me giggle several times: Thanks!

  2. I would be chin high in that pool as well. hehehehe!