Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Races and Romps and Other Oddities

Not being a big journal writer, this blog seems to be a bit of a chore at times. I can't seem to motivate myself to type down some of the happenings of our time here in England. (Much of the mundane is the same anywhere, dishes are dishes, yah know?) But there are things to note, and I shall, just need a bit of a shove to do so.

Saturday- We headed out to the races in Newmarket. After a week long brew-ha-ha of buying tickets (apparently all our debit/credit cards are having issues with our super long English address fitting into the American 3 line address system digitally. So any on-line purchase or telephone attempt fails and you're only alternative is driving around a deserted race pavilion looking for someone who is not tending horses to purchase a ticket from... but to borrow a line from Phil Gray, I digress)

Our day out started in heals, a suit, and a smashing white frock, person dependent. Dressed to impress in the Paddock and Grandstand seating. We didn't splurge to be in the eliete seating, and realized once there, it was the place to be. Out attire was a bit over done in our area, especially when the rain kicked in and the muddy field commenced. It was as fun as it could be in the rain, and leagues away from the starting gate. You watch the majority of the race on the Jumbo LED screen since the horses start 7 furlongs or just under a mile away. Then, they pass quickly, crowd shouting, and then the winner is announced. We didn't bet, that may have been part of the letdown of the buzz of racing. We also weren't happily imbibing, the second must of watching racing. I was great to see the horses being paraded around before the race while the jockeys weighed in. They were all muscle and veins (Olive was continually questioning about them). The winning horse got to drink a bucket of water like the other loosing horses... no grand flowers, checks, or photo opts. at this day of the races. Olive thought a bucket of water was a good "prize." Next time we go back, we'll be in the family section with no dress code or expectations.

Off to Thetford Forest for a bit of a hike and a time in "nature." A nice morning walking large mowed paths through planted forest lands. There was an old Game Keepers home which we passed. The Ergo is still in use. BEST baby/toddler/preschooler purchase EVER.

Swim Costume = Swimsuit. Had to translate that one for Olive today in the pool at the leisure center when another kid came up say she liked O's Target special shorts and rash guard. With me in my board shorts & bikini top, and O in her get up, we stick out at the pool just a little.

Condensing dryer = Pain in the arse (who thought it would be a good idea to have to store the water in a large tank one would have to drain every time he/she dried a load of laundry?)

Phoning Wales = no answer, not a single business I've called has picked up a phone. Camping trip in the UK, commencing two week countdown. Adventure it shall be either by joyous times remembered or horrid times laughed at years down the line.

Made a Will = Josh and I are officially growing up more

Paris= We will see you in September. 4 Night outing here we come.

Preschool= Either O will be going to the local co-op or a Nursery that's studied by Cambridge University... choices, choices and the pounds that go with them.

"Bless Her" = the saying I hear ALL THE TIME in concerns to Olive. Today taking her into a public toilet, a very kind janitor praised Olive for minding her manors in the loo. "Ah, the little poppet, Bless her, she's adorable."

Plastic Sheet = O's first night without a diaper. She's been dry at night for months except for a few mishaps every time we changed a location. Now that we're settled in, we're giving it a go. Those of you who have kids who've been through it know how monumental this is and why it deserves mention on a blog!

That's the news for now. Thanks to those who've written, called, and commented. We love hearing from you.


  1. Good to see the ergo is still in use. We love reading about your adventures. Love to Olive and Josh!

  2. So much new! I love the little differences in language; thanks for sharing! And hooray for the Ergo and for transitioning to a plastic sheet! (And I will need to live vicariously through you regarding your Paris trip, so be sure to post about it!).