Sunday, 11 July 2010

World Cup, and Other News

World Cup: I now understand, and am a fan of soccer. Too bad NL lost.

And Other News: The past week has been another one kept in a holding pattern. Tomorrow we move on out to our new home sans furnishings, internet, and second car. Olive and I will be walking a mile into the village for playground time. I'm sure this will be a difficult adjustment among other things for Olive. But, we'll finally be in the home we'll be living in (hopefully) for the remainder of our stay in England.

Our adventures to note occurred this weekend. On Saturday we went to Church Farm in Stow Bardolph for Wolly Weekend. The family learned much about rare breeds of the UK and the handling and rearing of sheep. Local craftsmen were about weaving, felting, and selling their wears. A very kind Nan taught Olive how to wet felt a ball. I'm unsure if it was her manor, or her accent that kept Olive enthralled in rolling her little handful of roving. We also spent some quality time petting the pigs, horse, and sheep. Olive was particularly fond of one of them. We had to remind her kissing sheep is not appropriate behavior. There was also a sheep dog demonstration with a shepherd from up north and his 5 workings dogs. Each took a turn rounding the sheep by whistles and calls- very impressive. See flicker for more photos.

Today we took a small jaunt over to Medieval Lavenham before packing to see the slanted homes. The buildings date back to the 15th century. We went into the local toy shop with it's huge tutor frame and 30degree pitch to the second floor. A collection of toys ranging from classic porcelain dolls to questionably swarte dolls. Other buildings had a bit more of a tilt, but if they've been standing for 600+ years, well, guess they're sound enough.

Other randomness to mention:
-Olive now calls Josh "PoP"
-I have a phone, if you want the #, let me know

Here's to another big week of newness.

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  1. Here's to new adventures, happy walking and friendly new neighbors. Oh, and a working internet soon!