Monday, 5 July 2010

Old Pump House

One month complete. Check. Settling in is occurring at a snails pace, but we're getting there. Today we signed our lease after agreeing to let 2 weeks ago... small things like legal paperwork and money being turned in makes me feel more committed than a verbal agreement with the landlords.

So, we will be living in 2000+ square feet of colorfully painted &
carpeted English home with an established garden (with fruit trees!) and hot tub on the back deck. We will be available for guests anytime after July 12th. Unfurnished, of course, until our household goods arrive. Their location is unknown at this time. I try not to let that worry me. So bring your sleeping bag if you plan on visiting before the arrival of our 10 pieces of furniture. We do intend on buying a bed for those who wish a little more comfort than a couch to sleep on. Due to the amount of space, multiple guests can be entertained at once, but do check for availability.

Josh is still on his quest to find the "right" car - my Subaru is going in for the 3rd time on Wed to "fix" the engine light that keeps popping on... I plan on using our year warranty over and over and over again until it turns off. AND not by them unplugging that irritating light. Due to this weekly occurrence, Olive and I have learned more about the lovely town of Bury St. Edmunds and can do our fruit and veg shopping for the week. Nothing beats two pounds of plums for a pound/$1.50... who said it was going to be more expensive here? Between the use of the BXtra & Commissary and shopping on the economy for local produce, it's cheaper than shopping in Olympia. Josh is continually tickled by the low price of beer. We each even have a ration car (yes, they didn't go out of style after WWII) for tax free liquor, tobacco, and coffee! ha! Gas is even 6cents less on base than it was in WA when we left... off base, well, it works out to be something like $9 gal. Suffice to say, we fill up only on base. And you wonder where tax dollars really go.

In events this past week, we traveled again to Cambridge for the "Buskers & Street Performers Festival". We took the park and ride into city center and Olive got to experience her 1st double decked bus. Front, center, and 2nd story she got to ride downtown with wide eyed excitement and plenty of questions. Once downtown, it was a bit of a flop for performers. Mainly singer with guitar smuggled against some wall with a busy flow of shoppers streaming past without interest. According to one of the shop keepers, the "festival" was a way of permitting such "artists" to perform once a year and keep them away from pan handling the rest of the year. Sorry to not have known that ahead of time. But we did get to go see the punters down on the river and have a lovely walk about town with snip-its of good music floating by while eating raspberries curbside.

Sunday was the 4th and I was treated to such delectable foods, I care not to ever revisit them. My birthday breakfast was held at the only venue open on Sunday morning, and the picture menu on the window really should have told us "no, do not come here" but we did. We're still alive, but oh, not a highlight of dining. That afternoon we headed to RAF Feltwell for our God Bless America time with plenty of Carney rides & military whoha. We ran into our TLF friends and Olive got to enjoy her 1st fair ride on the Tea Cups. She loved it while she was riding, once off, well, that was a different experience she wasn't ready for. We skipped out on fireworks this year due to late blast time and uncertainty in Olive's acceptance of them. We just have to wait until Guy Fawks Day with darkness at 4pm to give it a try.

This week we get our unaccompanied baggage (New clothes and toys for Olive!!) and continue to navigate banking abroad in two currencies and three banks, decode mobile phone plans, and hopefully attain a second car. Slowly, we're getting there to Broomstick Corner...

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while reminiscing about my childhood (decades ago). Was hoping to catch a glimpse of my old home from 1970. I don't even know if the building is still standing. Dad was stationed at Lakenheath AFB. We lived at 10 Broomstick Corner. Is this near you? Was just wondering if the old place was still there and if maybe you could email me a pic or two. We used to stand on the corner and catch the bus. Thatched roof beautiful cottage nearby. Let me know. Barb