Thursday, 17 May 2012

What happened while I was away.

So again, I apologize for not being the most dedicated writer of our stories to the 7 most faithful followers (family) but here it is, BACK, and ready for tiny morsels of our latest adventures into the world.

In April we headed back to the states to visit the family in Indiana. Olive had a lovely time with her new sisters, Abbey & Bella. She is no longer afraid of dogs and asks (with frequency) about when Abbey can move to England to live with her.
 We also had fun playing with Nana's wig collection. Here's a photo of the girls stylin'. 
Olive finally got to play with Cricket (Sophie) this visit. Here's them enjoying Aunt Debbie & Uncle Denis' gifts... of course the plastic bubble bag was a greater toy as fashionable hats than what was wrapped inside.

 Later on in the month we took a Saturday to head up to the Birmingham area. We had a lovely time viewing a Land Rover at a cider farm (Josh says he'll write this story, only he can capture the essence of his quest and the morning spent in an unusual way) Afterwards we headed to Cadbury World. See Olive posing with the large Olympic themed egg. Not at all creepy.
Here's Olive disliking the Dairy Milk chocolate sample she was given. Brought up on dark chocolate, she hadn't kind things to say about it. She must have been the only kid saying "Yuck" and NOT scarfing down all the chocolate she was given.
 Olive's highlight of the day was visiting our friends Maria & Ron. Seen here with one of her many BFFs. 

 Keeping on the theme of staying local, we had a weekend at Legoland, Windsor (A belated birthday gift for Josh) We stayed in the Pirate wing of the resort hotel, Argh!, and took in the sites & rides. Unfortunately power went out for the hotel & entire park the second day of our visit. Below is a picture of the pirates in the dark hallway making the best of our early departure. 

And then she arrived...
 Josh finally got his Land Rover- 1988 110 Defender. No name given yet. Suggestions?

 Soon afterwards we had house guests! We had a lovely time showing Ian and Katie the sites of the area. Here's O with another BFF, Aunt Katie. 

Walking the countryside in with Uncle Ian and Papa.

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  1. Fantastic. I love it that you're raising a real chocolate eater!