Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bath, a reunion

On the eve of yet another trip, I have the need to record the last outing before it becomes ignored and unforgotten venture. A pint of St. Peter's Mild in hand, I commence.

The first weekend of January we took off to visit my old haunt, Bath (or as Olive says much like a local, Bauth). We took off driving Saturday and arrived just after noon. I have to say driving the outskirts of town was beautiful... HILLS, well, green rolling landscape in comparison to the dry flat husk of Suffolk, it was a welcome change. I was a bit turned about once in town because I rarely visited it in a motored vehicle, but found my bearings well enough once on foot.

For those of you who were there with me, all the faves are still there: The Huntsman, Ts, Moles, Cadillac, and all the others of the past 10pm venues. Didn't visit a one. But we did snag lunch at Marmaris! Beth's and my thrift shop with the coat is still thriving. The street performers have remained true in there golden statue and juggling acts. The one truly noticeable difference was the end of town near Wells Road is Upscale. Jaz told me about it, but I didn't recognize the place with new shops and no heroin addicts sleeping on the street.  It's high street, main stream, commerce.

We took in the Abby, had a tea, and then walked up to the old place and through the park. Did a bit of stone skipping on the canal (dirty as ever) with the family. Students now have put out chairs (why didn't we think of that?) and amazingly most of the message is still there that Steve, Beth, and I left. Cheesy Brit pop song lyric!

On the walk back we wondered the park and spoke of the beloved Canadians. Saw the circle and crescent and Jane Austin's door. The magic of Bath was created by the people I lived it with. The memories far exceed the town.

That night we spent outside Bath in the George Inn Hotel, which is over 700 years old. We stayed in a room with large bowed wooden planked floors, and four poster bed, and a low ceiling. Lovely tap room with a large fireplace, wood carved details in all the furnishings, and just a very neat historic experience. Think, nearly 700 years of a rooms continual use... what all has happened inside those walls!

The next morning we were off to Stonehenge. Olive enjoyed the automated audio tour. She was proud knowing her numbers and punching in the correct ones for the stories at each station. Lucky to have nice weather and a walk before we started our way home. By chance we needed a break from the drive back and ended up in Winchester, the home of "The" Round Table. After taking that in and having a quick sausage roll, we were on the way home.

There you have it.


  1. Wow, so beautiful. I hope to get there one day!

  2. These pictures, and the account, are amazing! Shall we go there this summer? Would you do the George thing Inn again, or another? Oooh, we need to talk!