Friday, 18 June 2010

What a week brings

Today is day 19th here in the UK. Some quick updates:

1) Olive has now eaten proper paper wrapped fish, chips, and mushy peas supper
2) Discovered the brilliance of being mobile- here's to owning a right drive car!
3) Seen an Old, dear friend from long lost Greenkill
4) Made a new family of friends from not so foreign Kansas
5) Seen the sun for a few days, but still had to wear a sweatshirt
6) Poppies are in bloom along the carriage ways along with other grassland flowers
7) Been thwarted several times in finding permanent housing, so, still searching...
8) Seen baby swans in the river down town
9) Walked a footpath and waved at cows
10) Reaffirmed Olive is a very lucky child to have parents who are kind
11) Dislike the amount of TVs the base has about to placate people who wait in long, long ques
12) Navigated narrow roads, roundabouts, and general adrenaline producing moments in driving
13) Had a WA-like BBQ in the overcast and cold
14) Corrects Olive when she says that pounds have "clowns" instead of "crowns" on them- sorry Queen Mum
15) Hiked the King's Forrest
16) Been dragged by Olive to the playground(s) for over 50 hours and climbing
17) Enjoyed several pints of real ales, but not all at the same serving
18) Showing great restraint not eating my way thought the entire Cadbury collection like I did last time I was here
19) Watched a lot of World Cup
20) Enjoyed the local farmers markets & produce
21) Seen pigs living out in the open, in fields, with shelters - makes bacon eating feel a little less guilty

and more. Just thought I'd enumerate before it all passes by. Real sentences next time. Maybe...

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